Our Programs

Our programs are free and are offered in many areas of Kings County.

Please contact us below for more information or call 902-678-5760.

Programs For Children

Toddler Room Childcare

Suitable For: Children 6 months – 5 yrs

This positive learning experience will give your child opportunities for peer interaction through play and access to many age-appropriate activities.

Childcare is provided when parents participate in our programs.

Our children’s program is offered during most of our parent programs to give you the comfort of knowing your child is being well cared for by our Early Childhood Educators.

Parent-Child Interactive Programs

Toddler Tonics
Toddler Tonics

Suitable For: 18 months – 3 yrs

Does your toddler like to wiggle and jiggle, move and groove? If so, come on out to Toddler Tonics.

You will enjoy a morning of physical activity, fun and it will be a chance for you to meet new families.

Baby & Me
Baby & Me

Suitable For: 0-12 months

Do you have a new baby and want to connect with other moms? Come on out to our Baby & Me group.

This group is a great place to connect with other moms and babies and share stories. 

Childcare is available for your older children.

KCFRC - Bookworm Buddies
Bookworm Buddies

Foster the love of reading while extending your child’s literacy learning.

This is a Child/Parent interactive program that includes various activities such as story time, practice-a-story techniques, show ’n share, crafts, sensory play and a take-home activity.

Grandfamily Care Club - Kings County Family Resource Centre
Grandfamily Care Club

Raising your grandchildren can be challenging and rewarding. Ultimately, you want to provide them with a safe, nurturing, and structured home environment in which to grow and feel loved.

This program aims to create and strengthen intergenerational relationships and enrich the lives of grandparents, children, and families.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Winter can be a challenging season for many families. For those who to want to be outside, Winter Wonderland brings fun into the season through mini winter activities over a 6-week period. 

Such activities include hiking, snow shoeing, coasting, indoor/outdoor skating, building snow volcanos, snow people, angels, and a sleigh ride.

Programs for Parents


Suitable For: Expectating parents

We offer an extensive prenatal program for expectant women and their supportive person.

You will receive the latest information to help you and your partner become prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

We will help you by sharing what to expect during each trimester, what you need to help keep you and your baby healthy, and what to anticipate during delivery.

Our Prenatal program is offered in a comfortable atmosphere with many opportunities to connect with other expectant mothers.

Childcare is provided.

Youth Prenatal and Parenting
Youth Prenatal & Parenting

Suitable For: Expectating parents

Pregnancy is an important time to gain knowledge and skills for a healthy pregnancy, birth and adjustment to parenthood.

Join us for an 8-week program designed to provide information and support you need to experience pregnancy and parenthood in the most positive way.

Parent Group
Parent Group

Suitable For: Parents

Our weekly parent group gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and form lasting friendships.

We offer fun activities as well as informative sessions that focus on parenting and personal growth.

Childcare is provided.

Let's get up and move
Let's Get Up & Move

Suitable For: Parents

Find it hard to be active?

Have nowhere to get moving?

Looking to start a new activity and meet new people?

Come join us for an hour of increasing your heart rate and having fun.

Free childcare available.

Basic Cooking
Basic Cooking

Suitable For: Parents

A 4-session, 2-hour program that facilitates the basic cooking skills allowing healthy, local, and lower cost food.

Please call to register.

Limited amount of space available.

Childcare available.

This program is offered occassionally

wellness for women
Wellness For Women

Suitable For: Parents

Need a break?

Are you forgetting to take care of yourself?

We have just what you need at Wellness for Women.

We look at topics such as handling stress, making time for yourself, and even pampering yourself.

Share with other women in a relaxing, non-judgmental environment.

Childcare is provided.

This program is offered occassionally

Come Can With Us

Suitable For: Parents

This is an introduction to basic canning at home.

This is a 4-week program where you can learn how to prepare and can your own fruit and veggies.

This program will includes how to prepare and can jams and jellies, apple sauce, past sauce and pickles.

This program is offered occassionally

AMPed Up
AMPed Up!

Suitable For: Parents

This 7-week adult program addresses the issues of anger management, stress management, communication skills and emotional intelligence. It places emphasis on understanding emotions, enhancing communication and stress management skills, and gaining the ability to recognize triggers of anger and manage feelings of anger in a productive way.

It is facilitated in a group setting that is welcoming, safe and inclusive.

This program is offered occasionally.

KCFRC - Soups, Stews & More
Soups, Stews & More

Suitable For: Parents

Looking for new recipes? Enjoy savouring a warm and nutritious bowl of soup or stew?

Join us for a workshop that is “hands-on” to prep and prepare some healthy, hearty simple meals. You will make and take these meals home with you!

This program is offered occassionally

Strengthening Fathers
Strengthening Fathers: Steps for Fatherhood Group

An 8-week program offered to male-identifying caregivers to build skills and capacity in their Fathering journey. The program supports the participant in their fathering role and enables safety and well-being for the children.

Topics may include healthy relationships, emotional regulation, attachment and bonding, schedules and routines, Inclusion and Diversity and Connection between Parenting and Food.

Nurturing the Self - Kings County Family Resource Centre
Nurturing the Self

An 8-week wellness program offered to parents and guardians who may need guidance, support, and skills for better social, physical and mental health outcomes.

With the practice of healthy habits and self-care on a daily basis, you can reduce stress, have positive social interactions, feel good and achieve optimal wellness for you and your family. Childcare is provided.

This program is offered occassionally

Postpartum Mental Health & Wellness
Postpartum Mental Health and Wellness

A group program for Moms with babies 2 years old and younger who want to improve their mental health and wellness.

It’s an opportunity to meet others who are experiencing similar feelings and to connect with health professionals who will help you find ways to mange your postpartum depression and anxiety.

Cooperative Parenting
Cooperative Parenting

An 8-week interactive program that helps parents work through difficult transitions while de-escalating conflict and teaches parents valuable skills that helps them re-focus in a productive, positive way on a daily basis and long term. Co-parental relationships put the wellbeing of children front and center.

Cooperative Co-Parenting Through Separation or Divorce
Cooperative Parenting (Through Separation or Divorce)

This program helps separating and divorcing parents learn to shield their children from parental conflict while establishing a positive new relationship as a co-parent. Being a “successful parent” means more than providing food, clothing, and shelter. It requires taking an active role in a child’s growth and development, and an active approach to parenting.

Youth prenatal & parenting
Youth Prenatal & Parenting

Pregnancy is an important time to gain knowledge and skills for a healthy pregnancy, birth and adjustment to parenthood.

Join us for an 8-week program designed to provide information and support you need to experience pregnancy and parenthood in the most positive way.

Nurturing Strong African NS Families
Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Families

The Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Families is an in-person parenting program that provides African Nova Scotian parents/caregivers a safe space to explore and discuss the cultural, racial, and historical factors that affect their parenting and helps them support and raise their children to be the best they can be.

The Perfect Loaf
The Perfect Loaf

Want to learn how to make bread from scratch and use a bread machine?

This 5-week interactive program will teach you how to bake healthy breads and to explore their benefits. You will also learn the cost effectiveness and nutritional advantage of home-made breads to feed your family.

Circle of Security
Circle of Security

The Circle of Security Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Our trained Facilitators work with parents and caregivers to help them to understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs, support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions, enhance the development of their child’s self esteem and honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure.

Satellite Programs

Fun with Food
Fun With Food

Suitable For: 3 yrs+

Would you like to learn great new recipes that are healthy and nutritious?

Looking to prepare snacks and meals on a budget and things that your children will eat?

Join us at Fun with Food to explore new recipes and to cook with your child. 

Playful Pals Playgroup
Playful Pals Playgroup

Suitable For: All ages

Our playgroups offer you an opportunity to have parent-child interaction and a chance to meet other families.

While you are at playgroup you will have times you sing songs, have finger plays, play in the gym and many more things.

Playgroups integrate all age groups and are offered at different sites.

Nobody's perfect
Nobody's Perfect

Suitable For: Parents of young children

Our 10-week Nobody’s Perfect® program fosters peer support and shared learning.

Join other parents of young children to share questions and concerns about being a parent.

Together, with the support of a trained facilitator, you will discover positive ways to interact with your children.

Information and support is provided about topics such as child development, safety, health and behavior.

Childcare is provided. 

This program is offered occassionally

Exploring the Outdoors
Exploring The Outdoors

Suitable For: All ages welcome

This program is focused on unstructured outdoor forest play.

The children use their imagination while exploring their surroundings and viewing some outdoor critters.

This program is offered occassionally.

Let's Get Messy
Let's Get Messy

Suitable For: All ages welcome

Children are naturally inclined to explore and get messy so, let’s help them along!

Bring your child out to explore various art forms and sensory opportunities.

Play with me
Play With Me

Suitable For: All ages welcome

Play is very important part of a child’s growth and development so come and take some time to be creative, active and engaged with your child/children.

KCFRC - Shaft
SHAFT: Super Happy Active Family-Fun Time

Suitable For: All Ages

Join us at the indoor soccer facility for free play time with your kids. Bring your families, friends and a CLEAN pair of indoor sneakers.

Program partnership with Kentville Recreation

Mighty Marsh Adventures - Kings County Family Resource Centre
Mighty Marsh Adventures

This is a 6-week parent-child interactive outdoor program. Get ready to watch and explore the seasonal growth of Miner’s Marsh and participate in nature-based activities such as scavenger hunts, story-time, crafts, and learning. 

This program is held occassionaly

Tumblebugs Junior

Suitable For: 3-5 yrs

Teaches basic movement activities and simplified gymnastics that are fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate for children aged 3-5 years. It is both directed and exploratory learning that includes active and quiet segments.

Parent/Caregiver involvement is required.

Two-year olds are welcome and gymnastics will be modified according to developmental levels.

Spaces are limited!

Playtime at the Park - Kings County Family Resource Centre
Playtime at the Park

Playing in all kinds of weather builds resilience in your child! Rain or shine, we know that outdoor play is good for your child’s physical health, development, and self-confidence.

We invite you and your child to Oakdene Park in Kentville for some organized outdoor games, activities, and free play.

Come get some exercise, vitamin D, socialize and have fun!


Suitable For: Ages 0-4

Zumbini is an early childhood music and movement program for children ages 0-4 to experience with their caregivers. It combines music, song, dance, and educational tools of 45 minutes of can’t stop, won’t stop bonding, learning and fun!

Field Trip Fridays - Kings County Family Resource Centre
Field Trip Fridays

A parent-child interactive program facilitated at various off-site locations. Come explore the beautiful outdoors of Kings County!

It’s an opportunity to learn and appreciate our community. We have so much to offer. Breathe in the fresh Valley air and have some fun!

Toy Lending Library

At KCFRC, we offer an extensive library of age-appropriate toys, puzzles, games, equipment, and books for children and their caregivers.

Childcare providers and KCFRC participants can borrow and enjoy these items at home!

Our library provides a collection of resources which support and recognize learning abilities, cultural diversity and the health and wellness around us.

toy lending library
toy lending library
toy lending library
toy lending library
toy lending library
Toy Lending Library

County Closet

Come in for a visit and check out our County Closet.

The County Closet is a room designated for gently-used clothing of all sizes, footwear, bedding, toys, books and household items. Come take what you need.

All donations are laundered or cleaned prior to being placed on racks, shelves or in totes.

With your kindness and generosity, we can make a difference in our community. The county closet is a classic example of people helping people!

KCFRC - County Closet